Mike's Story


Mike Milakovic is the founder of Mighty Mike's Foods.  His story begins growing up as an overweight kid, and it wasn’t until he got active in sports where things changed.  He learned about exercise, eating healthy, and how this powerful combination could help him achieve his dreams in life.  Mike went on to become a college scholarship athlete, Olympic hopeful, top-level health & wellness professional, and a successful entrepreneur. 

He understands that certain foods can do great things for us.  As a health and wellness expert he has witnessed firsthand, what putting the best foods in our bodies can do for health, wellness, and overall quality of life.  As a superfood “fanatic” he has been disappointed with the health food snacks available today in the marketplace, because they lack flavor and excitement! 

No matter what your nutrition philosophy might be, we can all agree that vegetables are key for everyone, and let’s be honest...most of us don't eat enough of them.  It became Mike's “MIGHTY” mission to take healthy snack foods to the next level, and come up with his own blend of all natural spices and flavorings.  He wanted to create powerful superfoods that everyone would love to snack on…without the snack food guilt! 

His flagship product is Crunchy Kale, and they are a perfect fit for anyone - especially kids!!  Moms and parents are aware that sometimes healthy food isn’t appealing to children (adults too)!  Mike’s solution was to create amazing flavors with honest healthy integrity. 

Mike stands by all of his products, and he is excited to present you amazing taste and quality that will prove snack foods can be appealing, healthy, and good tasting.

Don't be shy...try all of our amazing products, and From the Inside Out…BE MIGHTY! 


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